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Defect Priority and Severity Levels

Defects are given a priority and severity level. Such classification is absolutely needed as the development team cannot resolve all defects simultaneously. The test team needs to indicate how soon they want to get the defect fixed, and how big the impact on the functionality of the application under test is. Let's have a look at the classification levels:

Defect priority
High: Fix the defect immediately. A core functionality fails or test execution is completely blocked.

Medium: Fix the defect soon. An important functionality fails but we don't need to test it right away and we have a workaround.

Low: Don't fix this defect before the high and medium defects are fixed but don't forget this defect.

Defect priority indicates the impact on the test team or test planning. If the defect blocks or greatly slows down test execution, you might want to select the highest grade for the defect priority.

Defect severity
Critical: A core functionality returns completely invalid results o…