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Blazemeter and JMeter

ImpactQA recently did performance testing of Marathon website using Blazemeter. Here is how we carried out the testing.

Problem Statement

We wanted to stress test a .NET application and were not sure if we wanted to test using VSTS or JMeter. VSTS had its own advantages while JMeter could easily be configured in BlazeMeter. The .NET application was to be tested for a load of 10K users and the challenge was to test it remotely. The web server was hosted in the US and the tests were being conducted from a remote location in India.

To simulate a real time load environment we needed the client machine (load generating machine) in US (the servers were already hosted in the US). We needed 10 machines of 8 GB RAM and 3.0 GHz processor). Acquiring such machines in a short time frame in the US and that too only 2 weeks was not only an expensive affair but also time consuming and not worth the price.

That’s where BlazeMeter came in

Thanks to BlazeMeter we could simulate the load using the BlazeMe…

Ever heard of a website blackout ?

And they thought it was fool proof.. but not until April 23 when Associate Press twitter account was hacked. A fraudulent tweet sent from the official Associated Press Twitter account announced that United States President Barack Obama was injured following an explosion at the White House. In a matter of only seconds, the stock market took an immediate nose dive, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping 150 points causing markets to lose $160 billion in value. Also, who can forget the power failure that plunged the Super Bowl into darkness and halted play for more than a half-hour, earlier this year. Murmurs of terrorism and reports of a fire were quickly quelled by the FBI. It turned out that the blackout was caused by a device installed specifically to prevent a blackout. THANK GOD it was just a GAME! Now let’s change the stage and the stakes will change. How often have you thought of your website or your web application being hit by a blackout? What if someone were to hack yo…