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Ever heard of a website blackout ?

And they thought it was fool proof.. but not until April 23 when Associate Press twitter account was hacked. A fraudulent tweet sent from the official Associated Press Twitter account announced that United States President Barack Obama was injured following an explosion at the White House. In a matter of only seconds, the stock market took an immediate nose dive, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping 150 points causing markets to lose $160 billion in value. Also, who can forget the power failure that plunged the Super Bowl into darkness and halted play for more than a half-hour, earlier this year. Murmurs of terrorism and reports of a fire were quickly quelled by the FBI. It turned out that the blackout was caused by a device installed specifically to prevent a blackout. THANK GOD it was just a GAME! Now let’s change the stage and the stakes will change. How often have you thought of your website or your web application being hit by a blackout? What if someone were to hack yo…