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UI / UX - Performing A/B (Split) Testing

Websites and Web applications have become progressively more complex as our industry’s technologies and methodologies advance. What used to be a one-way static medium has evolved into a very rich and interactive experience. Additionally, users have been accessing websites in an increasing number of ways: mobile devices, a vast landscape of browsers, different types of Internet connections, carriers, locations etc.
But regardless of how much has changed in the application development process, a website’s success still hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it. “Does this website give me value? Is it easy and pleasant to use? ” These are some of the questions that run through the minds of visitors as they interact with your products, and they form the basis of their decisions on whether to become regular users of your website or to exit and never come back.
They say a newspaper’s most important story of the day goes always goes above the fold on page 1, on the right-most column a…

The Security Of Your Mobile Apps

The recent claims by US researchers that they have been able to hack into Gmail accounts with a 92 percent success rate makes one wonder - How Secure are the Mobile Apps?

This is not the first time that data from a mobile app was compromised. A study done in 2013 looked at 230 top apps from third-party sites outside of the Apple App Store and Google Pay marketplaces, including the top 100 paid apps on Android and iOS. Among the paid apps, the study found 92% of the iOS apps had been hacked, compared with 100% on the Google Android platform.
However, only 40% of the popular free iOS apps had been hacked, rising to 80% for free apps on the Android platform.
So what should you as a Mobile App Development firm do to make sure that your apps are secure?

The best option is to hire a Security Testing of a Security consultant and get your mobile apps tested. However, you need to make sure they perform mobile application penetration testing as per OWA…

Wear Your Creative Hat While Testing

Dictionary meaning of CREATIVE is " involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something " and Out of Box thinking means " thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects " . The idea of this blog is not to explain the literal meanings of these 2 words but to express the importance and significance of these in world of Software Testing.
Both words are associated with each other but while doing " Testing" maximum QA professionals forget the implementation of these words in there regular tasks. Effective software testing requires Out of box thinking / Creativity , Methodical Hard work, Knack to find defects and Passion for TESTING. So here we talk about Creativity while testing.
If we test the software in the same way or same approach we will start getting less defects and in return gets less motivated to test the system. That is the reason we should always take one step back or two steps forward…

Mobile App Load Testing

In today's fast-paced world, just getting the job done often isn't enough. Getting the job done and doing it with the utmost expedience is the key. The mobile app world is by far not spared from such performance hunger. Customers want their data stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently.
In this fast growing technological world everyone is shifting towards mobile apps. Smart phones today are omnipresent and available at affordable prices after Google has entered into the Mobile OS (Android) Market.

This results in the extensive use of the mobile application and there arises a need to load test the mobile application. to check how much load it can take and how will it perform under heavy load.
Here is how you can do mobile app load testing.
The Process

1. Familiarize ourselfs with the functionality of the mobile app 2. Created an Emulator to deploy the application 3. Create the script using Jmeter 4. Load test using Jmeter or AWS or Blazemeter (according to the need)

Below is…

Obamacare - Debacle - What can testers learn from it...