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Mobile App Load Testing

In today's fast-paced world, just getting the job done often isn't enough. Getting the job done and doing it with the utmost expedience is the key. The mobile app world is by far not spared from such performance hunger. Customers want their data stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently.
In this fast growing technological world everyone is shifting towards mobile apps. Smart phones today are omnipresent and available at affordable prices after Google has entered into the Mobile OS (Android) Market.

This results in the extensive use of the mobile application and there arises a need to load test the mobile application. to check how much load it can take and how will it perform under heavy load.
Here is how you can do mobile app load testing.
The Process

1. Familiarize ourselfs with the functionality of the mobile app 2. Created an Emulator to deploy the application 3. Create the script using Jmeter 4. Load test using Jmeter or AWS or Blazemeter (according to the need)

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